Antique Weapons

As an additional field of expertise to our clocks and handicrafts, we have been selling percussion pistols in the original cassettes of well-known gunsmiths, such as the brothers Lebeda in Prague or the company Contriner in Vienna, for many years. These target pistols, which were especially popular during the mid-19th century, falsely referred to as dueling pistols, were made in numerous designs, with silver inlays, engravings, and luxury versions with gold inlays and ornamental engravings in the region of the k. k. Monarchy in Vienna, Prague, Pest, but also smaller cities of excellent gunsmiths. In their fine wooden cassettes they enjoy great popularity as objects of décor for the living room. In addition, the loving collector can come across rare decorative dragoon helmets and sabers of the k. k. Monarchy or busts of Austrian monarchs and members of the Erzhaus.