English Flintlock Pistols in Original Case

Manufacturer: Stephen Wallis
Date: Birmingham, England around 1820
Case Dimensions: L 47.5 x W 21.5 x H 8 cm
Barrel Length: 22.8 cm
Caliber: 16 mm
Signature: “S. Wallis” (on the lock)


Original mahogany case with brass carrying handle, lined inside with green felt and paper label: “Stephane Wallis Birmingham / Gun & Pistol Repository / Vauxhall Road 1827-33”

A pair of flintlock pistols with mahogany stocks and polished, partly engraved steel fittings, fish scale grips, gold-plated touch hole framing, inserted ramrod with silver setter, safety catch (only usable in loading position)

Contents: powder flask, bullet mold, oil container, powder measure, cleaning rod/ball starter

Stephen Wallis was active in Birmingham from 1807-1826

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