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Antique Viennese clocks

Clocks are without doubt one of the most popular items for collectors of antiques. The imperial capital of Vienna represented prominence when it came to the manufacture of weight-driven precision clocks. Mantle clocks, and longcase clocks of outstanding quality were all produced in Vienna. The master clockmakers during the first quarter of the 19th century called themselves "artists". Their craftsmanship was truly unique. The clocks they produced are a manifestation of precision and beauty.

For the very first time, pendulum clocks equipped with long duration that kept the clocks running from three months up to a year and longer were introduced to the market. There was high demand for clocks produced by the Austrian master clockmakers throughout the many provinces of the widespread Empire as well as overseas. Industrial manufacture of clocks started around 1830 in the factories Gebrüder Jeckle in Graz and Suchy in Prague.


Purchase and Sale of antique clocks

We specialize in purchasing and sale of antique Viennese clocks of long duration from the period of the Austrian Empire. We provide our customers with the reputed Laterndl clocks and Dachl clocks in a great variety of technical workmanship, sizes and case designs. In addition we stock mantel clocks, longcase clocks, and travel clocks that were produced by the master craftsmen of the 18th and 19th centuries such as: Philipp Fertbauer, Joseph Binder, Josef Ettel, Caspar Brändl, Anton and Michael Glückstein, Karl Heydt, Peter Götz, Alois Löffler, Johann Sandhaas, Mathias Wibral, Matthäus Ratzenhofer, Philipp Happacher, Jakob Hitzinger, Joseph Jessner, Franz Joseph Dorer, Anton List, Ignaz Marenzeller, Anton Rettich, Caspar Kaufmann and many more.

Our services also include acquisition of high quality clocks, clock collections and inherited antiques. We ensure professional discretion as well as prompt financial settlement. We are acknowledged experts in this field and can, on request, supply appraisal reports and estimates that define the value of the offered items for both sale- and insurance purposes.


Hot Spots

The Collection Sobek that is displayed at the MAK -Museum of Applied Arts-
in Vienna, the Clock Museum in Vienna as well as the clocks of the 16th and 17th centuries in the Kunstkammer at the Vienna Museum of Fine Arts are all highly recommended. One of the finest public access clock collections can be found in the Museum Dům Hodin Karlštejn near Prague. More than 1000 exhibits of English, French, Swiss and German clocks can be admired here. Please note that prior booking of an appointment is required. The National Technical Museum in Prague exhibits a great number of Bohemian precision pendulum clocks. These were crafted by the famous master clockmakers Balke, Bozek, Kossek and Schmidt. The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague displays a variety of clocks from the many regions of the Austrian Empire. Austrian clock collections in private hands complete the collection of the Viennese museums.