Repairs of antique clocks

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Repairs of antique clocks

Your antique pocket watch, bracket clock, wall clock or floor standing clock has not been serviced for years nor cleaned, it has stopped or is not working exactly right?

Every movement requires regular care in the form of cleaning of all of the clockworks’ parts. These get stuck due to hardening of the oil over the years and this leads to damage of the movement. Metal cases and other clock cases of any antique clock can and should be cleaned regularly.

The dial of your clock is cracked, damaged or dirty, the signature illegible?

Our restorers will have your dials restored according to the traditional methods of 18th century craftsmen and make damage such as cracks perfectly invisible. Fire-gilded dial-rings are cleaned and the original shine of the dial will be restored. Rusted hands can be removed from rust and blued again.

Parts of the veneer wood of your clock’s case have been damaged?

Our carpenters supplement missing veneer parts of wooden cases. Of course each restoration is done with the utmost care and preservation of the original substance. We do not use the kind of glossy polish used in Vienna’ 80s and 90s, which makes a clock look new and mechanically damages the veneers of the clock cases.

Our clockmakers are happy to service your clock and use their expertise and contacts to other clock specialists if necessary, to manufacture missing parts of the work, restore and return your clock as well as hang it in your home.

On request we organize worldwide pick-up and delivery of your clock after restoration.
Send us pictures and a detailed description of your request and we will send back a quote.