Estimate – Expertise

Have you inherited an art object, a painting or antiques, are you considering the sale of an estate or a collection of antique clocks or paintings and are not sure of its value?

You want to determine the value of the art objects that you inherited from your ancestors or want to pass on to your children? You want to sell parts of your collected items for reasons of space limitations? We are happy to assist you in valuing your antiques and to advise you on various sales opportunities.

We can assure you a written expertise as basis for the valuation of your antiques, paintings and works of art for your insurance or your own use by experts as well as individual advice on optimal sales opportunities.
Among our expertise are the fields of antique clocks, furniture, silverware, miniatures, silver cutlery, sculptures made of bronze and marble, glass, arts and crafts, in addition we can rely on internationally recognized experts in all fields of arts and antiques.

Due to our 40 years of experience in the international art market, we not only have the comprehensive knowledge of the market value of individual collection areas and worldwide contacts, but also access to extensive databases for the valuation of your objects and estates.

Contact us, our experts will have your properties rated in the international art market and use current auction results, databases and contacts to determine the value of your property.

We will gladly inform you about the current market value and can also provide you with the suitable buyer or contact who might be interested in your paintings, sculptures, antiques of all kinds or your art collection. Experience has shown that selling internationally you can profit far higher than on local art markets.

We ourselves are always able to acquire high-quality antiques and assure a fast, unbureaucratic and discreet handling of the sale of your objects. If you want to know the value of your property, please send us some good pictures and make an appointment with Mr. Stephan Andréewitch. We are happy to assist you in valuing your antiques and advise you on various sales opportunities. Use our contact form