Die Wand- und Bodenstanduhren der Habsburgermonarchie 1780-1850

The two-volume publication provides detailed information on the development of wall and floor standing clocks in the Habsburg Monarchy of the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as their makers, spanning over 1,300 pages. It encompasses not only the history of the craft and technical advancements but also includes extensive biographies of the most renowned masters, accounts of trade exhibitions, and previously unpublished copies of invention privileges granted to clockmakers and supplying craftsmen. The first volume also features an extensively illustrated catalog of 400 predominantly unpublished pendulum clocks. The second volume contains a comprehensive directory of clockmakers active in the Habsburg Empire between 1600 and 1900, comprising over 14,000 entries, including numerous previously unknown masters and workshops. Biographical data of clockmakers, mentors, apprentices, masterpieces, as well as residential and business addresses are among the information provided.

An indispensable compendium on wall and floor standing clocks of the Habsburg Monarchy, this publication serves as a significant reference work for all enthusiasts of horology.

Authors: Stephan Andréewitch, Alexander Graef & Paul Archard
Publisher: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Stuttgart
Number of pages: 2 Volumes with 1.300 pages and more than 1.000 illustrations
Release date: 1.11.2023
Price: EUR 306,40

Language: German

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