Restoration of antiques

Naturally, the wear and tear of centuries can have caused damages to antique pieces of art. Broken parts, lost parts, faded gilding, paintings with holes and cracks, missing ornaments or inadequate gold painting top coats. Clocks can be out of order, silver cutlery incomplete or the original cutlery case can have been lost. Your Baroque-, Empire-, or Biedermeier furniture may have lost parts of the veneer or ornaments. The surface polish can have grown dull in the course of the decades since the last restoration or veneer areas can have become distorted or draws jammed.

Restoration has always been an integrated part of our services. In the 40 years we have been in business, we have been able to establish a wide network of expert restorers and craftsmen that are approved as experts in their fields and are also assigned by the museums in Vienna. These experts all have experience in state of the art conserving an restoring antiques and various works of art: Our assignees include: Furniture restorers, clockmakers, metal gilders, metal craftsmen for cast metal and engravings, sculptors for woodcarvings and leaf gilding, restores of paper, paintings, glass- and porcelain in addition to cabinetmaker workshops that make cases for cutlery, gilded frames for oil- and watercolor paintings etc.

We look forward to consulting you with regard to restoration and conservation of your antiques. The range of our know-how covers: Furniture, completion of veneer areas and renewal of top coat finishing while preserving the antique surfaces, adding carved and gilded parts, various sculpturing and removal of gold paint in order to restore the original gilding, manufacture of antique style frames for your paintings, restoring antique plaster frames, fire gilding of wood and metal, crafting metal parts of steel or brass, chrome- nickel- and silver plating of metal parts, completion of antique bowls, tempering and crafting steel clock hands, restoring and producing enameled and silver plated dials, restoration of oil paintings, paper items and miniatures or maintenance and general repair of your antique clocks by our clockmakers and master workshops.

We can help you establish contact to restoration workshops and can assign restoration of your antique furniture and pieces of art. Your clocks can be both restored and repaired. Just send us pictures of the items in question and we will submit an offer. Use our contact form.