Outstanding flintlock pistol

Manufacturer: Jean Adam Merckle
Title: Outstanding flintlock pistol
Date: Bohemia, Carlsbad ca. 1740
Measurements: L 54 cm
Signature: Jean Adam Merckle a CarlesBad

Description: poplar full stock with steel mounts decorated with gold inlay work, trophies, warriors, masks, finely engraved steel mounts and counter plates.
Lock engraved with warriors and canons, breached counter plate with scrolled ornaments, iron mask. Coat of arms of the Saxon house Wettin.
Ornamental gold inlay butt plate, barrel signed „Jean Adam Merckle a CarlsBad“

Literature: Heer E., Der Neue Stoeckl, Journal Verlag Schwend GmbH Schwäbisch Hall 1979 – II. Teil, Seite 793
Schedelmann H., Die deutschen Büchsenmacher – Band 1 Die Wiener Büchsenmacher und Büchsenschäfter, W. de Gruyter & Co. Berlin 1944, Seite 44 und 50

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