Pistols in cassette

Manufacturer: J. Adam Kuchenreuter in Regensburg
Title: Percussion pistols in original cassette
Date: Regensburg, Germany around 1840/50
Dimensions: length: 29 cm, cassette: h 7,2 x w 37,5 x d 25 cm
Signature: “J. Adam Kuchenreuter in Regensburg” (in gold on the barrel)

Description: 2 numbered percussion pistols with damascus steel barrels, carved walnut stocks and elaborate steel locks and applications, 1 ebonized ramrod, 1 ebonized loading hammer, 1 copper powder keg (depicting an ancient warrior), 1 bullet tongs (for casting bullets using lead), 1 patch punch (for punching out leather patches), 1 piston key, 1 sighting key

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