Grandfather Clock

Clockmaker: Vincent Bittner
Date: Komotau 1856
Measurements: H 194 cm
Signature: on the dial: V. BITTNER IN KOMOTAU, engraved on the backplate: V. Bittner in Komotau, No 5 1856

Description: duration: 1 year, walnut and maple veneered case with fine carving, the front in the lower part of the case can be opened to access the weights, silvered dial, wide ormolu engine turned centre and gilded bezel, blued steel Breguet hands, seconds dial, inversed pin wheel escapement, compensation pendulum with steel and zinc rod with heavy brass bob and regulation scala, two weights, maintaining power, knife edge suspension, two oval weight with false Huygens´ winding.
Privately owned sale.

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