Uhrmacher: Philipp Happacher (1784 Friedberg – 1843 Wien)
Datum: Wien um 1830
Maße: H 145 cm
Bezeichnung: dial: PHILIPP HAPPACHER IN WIEN, engraved on the backplate: Philipp Happacher in Wien

Beschreibung: duration 1 year, mahogany veneered and very flat case, ormolu bezel, glas enclosed movement with jewelled and adjustable pallets. There is beat adjustment on the end of the crutch with the unusual feature of a square end to the adjustment arbor which is adjusted via a long purpose built key to enable easier adjustment from the side of the movement. Graham escapement, eccentric weight behind the pendulum, string suspended wood rod seconds pendulum.

Literature: Norbert Tieger Horloges Anciennes, 1991 Flammarion, S. 178.

Provenance: Sammlung Norbert Tieger, Milano

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