Bring the Belvedere Museum Vienna inside your home!

Did you know that you can take the Belvedere Wien home with you? Well, not exactly. But this painting by the court painter Martin van Meytens was discovered by us in Belgium. It shows the future Emperor Joseph II at the age of two in a Hungarian costume and the Order of the Golden Fleece. The special thing about it, however, is that Joseph’s mother, Maria Theresa of Austria gave the painting around 1743 to the “chef President du Conseil privé” Steenhout, who was then head of the Privy Council.

A total of three versions of this portrait of the young emperor are known, all painted by the court painter Martin van Meytens, whereby ours, according to the director of the baroque collections at the Belvedere Vienna, can be considered the best executed!

Today, a great selection of the Swedish born painter can be found in the collection of the Belvedere Museum, such as a second version of this painting here – but unlike the one in the Belvedere Museum, this one could be in your private collection very soon!


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