Clockmaker: Philipp Fertbauer
Date: Vienna ca. 1805
Measurements: H 150 cm (ca. 59″)
Signature: Fertbauer in Wien

Description: duration: 8 days, mahogany veneered case (very slim), ebonized mouldings, with gilded brass bead stringing and gilded gallery and finials, enamel dial with annual calendar ring and equation of time ring showing the seconds slower and faster than the sun, subsidiary dials for seconds, day and lunar date and cut outs for the moon phase and sunrise, sunset, hands in engraved gilded brass and blued steel. Glass enclosed movement, end stops throughout the trains, grande sonnerie on two bells, Fertbauer’s own escapement which has the pallets as an integral part of the top of the pendulum, thereby doing away with the need for a crutch mechanism, maintaining power, knife edge suspension, steel rod seconds pendulum.
The main wheel trains are amounted between the plates and are fully glass enclosed, as is the case with all of Fertbauer’s movements. It strikes and repeats the quarters on two bells mounted on the back of the movement and, therefore, housed in the cut out in the backboard in typical Fertbauer style. The under dial work for the various complications and the quarter striking work is protected in a brass dust cover. It has a worm drive to the annual calendar, a cam on the centre arbor to drive the sunset and sunrise and the length of day and night shutters.

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