Flatware Service for 12

Date: Budapest ca 1920/30
Material: Wooden canteen with dear leather lining (37,5 x 58,5 x 12 cm) and embossment: “Henrik Schlesinger, Ékszererész Budapest VI. Váci körút 17.”
800 Silver hallmarked with Austro-Hungarian Diana head (1886 – 1922) and master mark “HA”, as well as Hungarian Diana head (1866-1937) with master mark “WGV” on the soup ladle and master mark “FA” on the serving tongue; weight: 4.480g

Description: 82 pieces in two trays for 12 people: 12 table knives, 12 table forks, 12 table spoons, 12 dessert knives, 12 dessert forks, 12 coffee spoons, 2 salt spoons, 2 salt cellars, 1 soup ladle, 1 milk ladle, 2 meat serving forks, 1 gravy spoon, 1 serving tongue

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